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What Kind of Bachelor Party Will Prince William Throw for Prince Harry?



Prince Harry & Prince William

Prince Harry is less than a month away (May 19) from marrying Meghan Markle at George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. Now, it’s been confirmed that Prince William will serve as his brother’s best man.
The best man always has much responsibility when it comes to making the groom’s whole wedding experience a successful one. One critical element is providing the man about to walk down the aisle with a proper send off – in the form of a bachelor party.

Prince Harry & Prince William

Yes, William may have just welcomed his third child, Prince Louis, into the world, but surely he can take a day or two away from his daddy duties to give Harry a good time.
We don’t know what type of celebration William has in store for Harry, so we came up with some activities that we think would bring a smile to his brother’s face.
A Friendly Footy Match

It is no secret that William and Harry are footy fans. They’ve played soccer and endorsed the sport. Heck, William is even the President of England’s Football Association. Imagine, William rounds up some of Harry’s best mates – and perhaps some sporty family members – reserves a private pitch, and everyone has at it for a few hours. Just no tackles – Harry needs healthy legs for his wedding day.
A Little, Big-Time Concert

Prince Harry

Sometimes, the right music can make a good night, great. Harry knows this, having attended many concerts throughout his life. Using his Royal powers, William could try to sway American rock band Foo Fighters to perform a gig specifically in Harry’s honour. After Harry tried to rid the band’s drummer, Taylor Hawkins, of jetlag a few years back by playfully slapping him in the face, this type of reunion would likely be welcomed.
“He’s one of the boys. What a boy,” said Hawkins in 2017. “It’s like Paul McCartney, once you break through the royalty, or the Beatles thing, you find they just want to hang out with the boys, like we do.”
Another Star Wars Experience

Prince Harry & Prince William

In April 2016, William and Harry visited the “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” film set at Pineapple Studios. Here, they filmed a cameo as Stormtroopers and met the likes of Mark Hamill. An amazing big brother thing to do would be to bring official “Star Wars” props and costumes to the grounds of Kensington Palace for an inner child geek out session. Could you imagine Harry running around as Chewbacca and William as C3PO? Or Luke Skywalker and Han Solo? This would be incredible!
-Adam Grant

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