Aidan Turner Reveals how Ross Poldark has Matured



During the first two seasons of “Poldark,” Ross Poldark built the reputation as an impulsive, quick-tempered, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants everyman, who isn’t fearful of ruffling a few feathers. However, as much as Ross hopes his instincts turn heroic, they can often land him in some serious crosshairs.

In the third season of “Poldark,” though, Aidan Turner – the man who dazzlingly portrays Ross – feels as if his character has noticeably grown up and cooled his jets.

“Ross has matured a lot,” explains Turner. “Ross is growing up a lot more, becoming more mature and is better at listening. He only takes big risks now if he has to, but it’s still in him, and there will always be an inner rebel trying to get out.”

Poldark - Season 3

“There is one big risk that Ross believes he has to take for the sake of loyalty and for friendship,” continued Turner. “The difference is, however, he is tentative about pushing the idea because there is a huge possibility that he won’t come back from this. But, Demelza realizes by the way that Ross approaches that situation that, given the circumstance, he has to go.”

Turner believes what has helped Ross achieve this more mature perspective is the growth he’s experienced through his relationship with Demelza. What’s more, losing a child, having business failures, and struggling to put food on the table, have all had a sizable impact on Ross.

Poldark - Season 3

On a personal level, Turner appreciates the new direction Ross is taking in season three. If anything, this character evolution has allowed the leading man to challenge himself professionally.

“As an actor, you don’t want to walk the same footprints you have walked in before,” admits Turner. “You want the character to be pushed into situations he hasn’t been in before.”

 -Adam Grant

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