Mary Steenburgen Chats About the Zoomer-Aged Romantic Comedy “Book Club”



Mary Steenburgen - Book Club - Movie

Having love, intimacy, and companionship in your life can go a long way toward a happier time on this planet. The challenge, though, is finding all that and having it stick with you for a long, long time.

In the new feature film “Book Club,” we meet four Zoomer-aged women whose lives are changed after reading erotic romance novel, “50 Shades of Grey,” in their monthly book club. 

Book Club - Movie

Featuring an all-star cast, helmed by powerhouse lead actresses Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Candace Bergen, and Mary Steenburgen, “Book Club” is sure to connect with the Zoomer crowd. 

During a recent visit to Toronto, Steenburgen – an Academy Award-winner for her role in “Melvin and Howard” – spoke with Darrin Maharaj of ZNews about what it was like to make a movie focused on the lives of mature adults. 

Book Club - Movie

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“It feels really good to be a part of that,” offered Steenburgen. “But to me, the message [of the film] is for all-ages, but especially for young people – every moment you’re alive, go for life. That’s what the movie is about, more than anything.” 

One particular highlight of “Book Club” for Steenburgen was the ability to work alongside living legends like Keaton, Fonda, and Bergen. 

Book Club - Movie

“They were all heroes of mine. I think my biggest fear was ‘please, don’t let one of them ruin that for me. Like, don’t let [one of them] be a diva,’” said Steenburgen. “Instead, they all surpassed my wildest dreams.” 

You can watch Steenburgen chat with ZNews in the video below.

-Adam Grant 

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