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Paul McCartney Chats About How his Parents Impacted Two Beatles Songs



There is royalty who live in castles, and there is royalty who take the stage and perform songs that generations of people have been vastly inspired by. Falling into the latter category, and perhaps the leader of it, is Paul McCartney. From his trailblazing time in The Beatles, to his wonderful next chapter in Wings, through a successful multi-decade solo career, McCartney’s musical throne is a tall and shiny one.
Recently, McCartney appeared on “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” and proceeded to take viewers on a tour of his Liverpool stomping grounds.
During this adventure, McCartney spoke of the different types of influence his parents had on two of The Beatles’ most popular songs.

Paul McCartney - Corden - 2018

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“I had a dream in the ‘60s where my mom – who had died – came to me in the dream and was reassuring me, saying ‘it’s going to be okay. Just let it be,’” recalled McCartney while on a drive with Corden. “I felt so great…she gave me the positive word. So, I woke up and [thought] ‘what was that she said? Let it be? I’d never heard that. That’s kind of good.’ So, I wrote the song ‘Let It Be’… [Because of her] positivity.”

Later on, McCartney revisited the family house in which he not only lived as a youngster, but also created music with John Lennon in. Here, McCartney spoke about the time Lennon and he had just finished writing “She Loves You.”

Paul McCartney - Corden - 2018

When reflecting upon that moment, McCartney said that his father was a musician (a Letpianist, to be exact) and that John and he thought it made sense to test the song out on him. The reaction: priceless.

“We came [into this room] and said ‘listen, do you want to hear a song?’ [Dad replied] ‘Yeah, okay son,’” noted McCartney. “He listened to the whole song and said ‘that’s very nice. But son, there’s enough of these Americanisms around. Couldn’t you sing ‘she loves you, yes, yes, yes?’
Concluded McCartney: “We did not heed his advice. Had we of, who knows what would’ve happened.”
-Adam Grant

Paul McCartney - Corden - 2018

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